Introduction of Dr. Zhang Fugen

Zhang Fugen, born in 1962, studied in Zhejiang University, Nankai University and Tianjin University successively and received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree. In 1989, He graduated from Tianjin University and became an optical engineering professor in Precision Instrument Department. In 1991, He  resigned and went to Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. Two years later he founded Omec. Corporation.


Main Experiences:
In 1990, he engaged in laser drip spectrometer research, commercial development and after-sales service.

In 1993, he founded Omec Instrument Co., Ltd in Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. He is the main designer and commercialized leader of Omec LS series, PIP series, RC series, ES particle size analyzer. He launched the first commercial laser diffraction particle size analyzer, the first particle image analyzer as well as the first kurt particle counter.

In 1998, he was elected as Vice Chairman of CPPCC, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City.
In 1999, he compiled the basic theory of particle size measurement and research papers, which is internally distributed. It has been republished four times.

In 2001, the company changed its name to "Zhuhai Omec Technology Co.,ltd.".
In 2002, the first phase of Science and Technology Park is completed and put into use. That same year, he won the second Youth Particle Prize of  Chinese Society of Particuology.
In 2006, he was elected vice chairman of Chinese Society of Particuology.

In 2010, he separated instrument business from Omec Technology, and established "Zhuhai Omec Technology Co.,ltd.". He transferred the latter’s stock to an UK company.

In 2011, he was employed as a visiting professor by Tianjin University to guide postgraduates to carry out basic research of light scattering theory.

In 2014, he was elected as president of the Ph.D. Association of Zhuhai.
In 2015, he was employed by Zhuhai Linkoptik Co., Ltd. and dedicated himself to the commercialization of particle testing products.